Safe Playground Equipment Guidelines

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Play areas and outdoor playground devices can use your child satisfaction, fresh air, and exercise, but they can also position some security risks. Defective devices, inappropriate surface areas, and reckless habits are simply a few of the threats that trigger kids on play areas to go to health center emergency situation departments. To guarantee that your kids have the most safe playground environment possible, follow these standards.


  • In the United States, a child is hurt on a playground every 2 1/2 minutes.
  • More than 200,000 kids each year are dealt with in emergency situation departments for playground-related injuries.
  • More than 75% of playground injuries take place on a public playground.
  • Most playground injuries include falls, and over half of the time the child’s head and face is injured.
  • Most of these injuries are avoidable with appropriate guidance and much safer playground devices and design.

You can make the playground a place that’s amusing and safe for your kids by inspecting devices for prospective threats and following some basic security standards. In addition, teaching your kids the best ways to play securely is essential: if they know the guidelines of the playground, it’s less most likely they’ll become hurt.


Security Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funds the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS). It works to avoid playground-related injuries by developing in-depth standards for safe play areas. According to the NPPS, the most essential consider assessing the security of any playground are surface area, design and spacing, devices setup, and upkeep.

The list below is a collection of devices that are not suggested for safe play areas:

  • animal figure swings
  • glider swings
  • swinging ropes that can fray, decipher, or form a noose
  • exercise rings (as used in gymnastics) and trapeze bars
  • Monkey bars: although people use the terms monkey bars, jungle health clubs, and climbing up devices interchangeably, real monkey bars are a particular kind of climbing up devices with interior bars onto which a child might fall from a height higher than 18 inches
  • trampolines: these are never ever suitable for safe play areas

The guide presented here is a very important list of standards and measures to ensure a safe playground. All of these are products of extensive research and studies. When these are followed, the incidents in the play area are substantially reduced.

Different Kinds of Playground Devices

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Play areas and playground devices can offer hours of entertainment for kids of any ages. There are particularly liked due to the truth that they generally include devices which kids cannot have fun with in the house. Play areas are not restricted to just an easy jungle center or outdoor climbing frame, sandpit and slide but it’s been available in a substantial range of shapes, colours, textures and there are even musical devices!


There are 5 primary classifications of playground devices; moving, spinning, balancing, hanging and climbing up. The best play areas use a mix of these to supply kids with a wide range of different stimulus which assists them to learn a range of abilities. Playground devices providers can generally help you figure out which items will offer a fantastic mix of device to make sure all abilities are catered for. Play devices is a wonderful way for kids to learn abilities such as coordination and balance in a safe environment, in their own time and under no pressure.


Moving devices or slides are the conventional part of the playground and consist of both individual slides and add-ons to any sort of jungle fitness center or climbing up frame. Nowadays the more popular slides consist of whatever from rough, curved and twisty slides along with ones topped with a tunnel. As one of the most popular pieces of playground device, it is vital piece for any great playground.


Spinning devices has significantly changed from the old design carousels which might be unsafe to a brand-new design which includes a standing platform and main pole which kids can base on and spin. There are also big discs with a dip in the center that kids can rest on and spin. These are dazzling for kids to learn the best ways to manage weight circulation and can be used both separately and within a group.


Stabilizing device is now readily available in a substantial range of options which integrate a variety of abilities. From the conventional rope bridge and balance beam, to even more tough spring discs and swinging logs. These are generally used in play areas for schools but are readily available for local parks and play locations also.


Hanging device normally summons memories of those hours invested aiming to master the monkey bars as a child. Monkey bars stay among the most difficult pieces of playground devices and are now readily available in a range of lengths of strong bars, swinging trapeze, parallel bars and up and over bars. These tools help kids develop their upper body strength in addition to offering a sense of accomplishment once they have actually finished them.


Climbing playground devices is without a doubt the most popular kind of device. Climbing frames stay among the most popular pieces due to their large range of shapes, sizes and obstacles. From the conventional jungle health club to the web climbers, rock climbing up walls and net traverse, there is something to keep kids continuously amused in addition to assisting them exercise without knowing it!

It is important to take a while to think about what you want to offer through a playground and plan the area before you begin to purchase devices. It is also suggested to buy from a leading UK playground devices provider to guarantee the quality of device is high and checked versus British security requirements. Business will typically assist you in the preparation of your area covering whatever from the right playground surface areas to use which will integrate well together through to thorough playground design.

Outdoor Playground Equipment – 5 Safety Tips to a Better Playing Experience

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When searching for outdoor playground devices for your kids to delight in, whether you are wanting to buy or simply searching for local parks and play locations to use, among the most essential factors to consider is security. Although there are many playground associated mishaps and injuries every year, but the bright side is that a couple of basic guidelines and checks will considerably decrease the possibilities of your kids facing threats while outdoors.

Adult Guide

Adult guidance is among the leading approaches of mishap avoidance. Make sure that the playground that you set up or use is completely viewable from where grownups will lie. 


Adult monitoring can also motivate favorable and accountable play behaviour in kids. It is essential that kids understand the value of safe play, particularly when there are other kids using the very same devices. No pressing or pushing, taking turns on playground slides, using devices properly, and understanding threat (e.g. devices can fume in the summer season, slippery in the rain), are all advantages to teach kids to assist improve their playtime activity.

Quality Equipment

If you are buying outdoor playground devices, guarantee that it is bought from a credible provider. Comprehensive and proper setup directions ought to be supplied and if essential, they must have the ability to point you in the instructions of setup specialists where needed (such as for commercial playground devices, or big playground swings). Typically speaking, the bigger the tool, the higher the greater possibility that a specialist might need to assist, but security has to be considered for all sized play-pieces.

Safety First

Make sure that the playground design is safe. The design must have all activities properly spaced, the environment must be safe (think about slopes, trees, traffic, underfoot surface and so on that can all become dangers), and the devices itself ought to be developed with security in mind. In regards to buying outdoor or commercial playground devices, you can cover a few of these bases by buying from respectable and widely known business who have high security requirements and excellent track records for service and assistance, then you need to follow their suggestions on setup treatments.

Routine assessment and upkeep is necessary to keep your devices safe. A fast check of all the devices for stability, foreign things, and other threats before letting your kids play can prevent many injuries and health threats. This uses to yard backyard, school play grounds, public parks, or other piece of outdoor playground devices that your child might use.

By following these 5 easy guidelines you cannot just minimize the threats related to outdoor playground devices, but in doing so, you increase the fun and satisfaction that kids will get from the play. After all, that is the factor that we motivate our kids to use such devices in the very first place – to check out, get self-confidence, establish, and more than happy.